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The camera can take photographs. Therefore, peoples take it everywhere with them. Nowadays everyone likes to travel to different places and want to capture the memories of that place. Similarly, we bring a camera at different functions of life to capturing the memories.

For example, on a marriage, engagement, birthday celebration,  results, and other different functions of life.
Similarly, we use this tech in different events that occur every year. For example, summer vacations, Eid festivals, and College Events, etc.

Different companies provide this tech, like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, and others. Nowadays this feature is also available on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.
There are a different type of cameras Like Point and shoot, Digital camera And DSLRs (Crop sensors And Full Frame FX). A full-frame camera has a 35mm Sensor that can capture more details.
This is the world of the latest tech. Capturing a picture is not enough of working on this tech. Today this tech can also use for recording movies.
Therefore, this tech use in factories, companies, schools, colleges, and universities, etc, for recording the movement of everyone.

We use different types of lenses with DSLR. For capturing an object from a long distance we use a zoom lens. For portraits, a low aperture lens we use to make a shallow depth of field. We use a wide-angle lens to capture group photos and landscape shots.

Different cameras do different works. Some can capture the pictures, some can record videos and some can do both capture pictures and record videos.