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Software is very important in the word of technology. There are two types of programs are available in the word one is system software and second is application software. Both are different but work together.
The system programs can enable hardware to do some work. For example, the Computer is hardware it cannot start without windows. The windows are system software. Likewise, Drivers are also system programs they use to enable other hardware devices. For example, Keyboard, mouse, speakers, printers, scanner, etc.
The application software is those which can solve user problems. For example, Audio-video players, data-based applications, games, Internet Browsers, etc.
For the use of those programs, this is important to have knowledge about them.

On this website, you can find all kinds of information about all types of programs. We provide all the information like which new program is introduced in the word. How is it works? Which work it can do? How to download it? How to install it? etc.
we also provide all the setups of these programs setups of games, media players. Windows different drivers for different hardware and all the setups which are used in personal computers and laptops etc.

Today technology is upgrade day by day. The companies which provide programs work hard. They work on increasing the working capability of these products and remove bugs.

Therefore, they introduced a new update of these programs after some time. Here In this category of this website, we also info about the latest upgrades of programs.
In conclusion, here you can find all the setups and information about all kinds of programs in one place.