Best Shopify Theme for SEO: 8 SEO-Friendly Themes for Shopify Stores

The theme of an online store and the search engine optimization services work hand in hand together. It is very important to have a good and responsive theme if you want to have good search engine ranking. Ecommerce development agencies like Shopify pro use SEO optimized themes to:

  • Increase the page loading speed
  • Increase page coordination with the plugins
  • Make it look more attractive and responsive
  • Give a professional look

So luckily we have made a list for you of the best themes that are SEO friendly and are used by the top agencies who offer the best ecommerce development services. Let us have a look:


Parallax theme is created by “Out – of – the – sandbox”. This theme exhibits the parallax scrolling effect. This theme is best known for its unique style and flexibility in usage. It allows good quality and wide images. It allows you to add testimonials, logs and videos as well. This theme offers a mobile friendly design which is the most basic requirement of any store. Many of the famous ecommerce development agencies like Shopify pro prefer to use this theme so that the best and SEO friendly store design could come on the front page.


This is one of the most famous themes that have been used by famous ecommerce development agencies and has received great response. This is developed by Outlane. It also allows quick and swift loading of the page. Its basic two layouts are Sirius and Polaris. 

Polaris is used by the agencies who want to make modern looking stores while Sirius is very traditional and it is mostly used in case of no option.


This theme is best known for its best and attractive layout specially made to optimize the speed of loading of the page. Everest is densely rich with features and is very responsive which means that it has the tendency to occupy its users. It has the features of Canvas Cart of Ajax, Faux Sales notifications, commendable product view and many more.


Turbo is well known for its highly integrated features that are attractive enough to astonish the customers at a glance. Like others this theme is also very responsive and has a great page loading speed. This is required so that users may not only enjoy the interactive theme but also swift and fast navigation. You can know about the number of satisfied customers by checking the number of visits done by the customers by using the SEO services.


This Shopify theme is especially made for the stores that hold accessories like jewelry, watches and other ornaments.  It has a very cool looking design which is specifically designed for these types of stores. It has a very strong admin panel and the plugins used are very easy to install and customize as well. You can view the stores made in this theme on all kinds of devices to make it easy to use.


This theme, like others, has a very attractive and responsive layout. This supports mega menu , product labels, wishlist, add to cart feature in Ajax, sliders of the blog post and many more. This was built by keeping in mind the feature of SEO services and optimization. This theme is suitable for making an electronic appliances based store. But you can use it in any niche you like.

This theme has gained popularity in a very less time period which is 2020. This theme has been used by many well known ecommerce development agencies and they speak well of it due to its responsiveness and sleek design.


This theme is best known for increasing conversions as this theme completely focuses on search engine optimization. It has all the important features embedded in it that make sure that the store is well promoted and has attracted a huge number of customers. This theme has a great graphical display which is impressive enough to keep the visitors attracted towards it. apart from this Califia is very light weight hence it is best for SEo purpose.

This theme is mostly used by the boutiques and clothing line businesses. This is because it has a very elegant and stylish layout that suits this type of niche. It has features like facebook chat integration service, attractive header and footer, slider, and many more.


This is the mostly used theme and is most of the time preferred by people who want their store to gain popularity. This is a very responsive theme and makes the loading of the page very quick. All of the designs and layouts of the pages are very unique and creative.

This theme is enriched with many attractive skins, footer styles, snippet features, diverse menu, option to make a banner, diverse search box using Ajax and many more things.


We have gone through around 8 most popular and SEO friendly themes which make sure that your store is full with the influx of customers. Best and popular ecommerce development agencies like Shopify pro has been appreciated for its profound and professional usage of themes compatible to SEO services.

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