How to Set Ringtone in IPhone without iTunes

How to Set Ringtone in IPhone without iTunes

If you want to set a  ringtone on your iPhone to make it more personalized. Unlike android mobiles, it is more difficult to set a custom ringtone on iPhone. 

As we know,  use a song that is not present in the default ringtone list on your iOS device, you need to purchase ringtones from the iTunes Store or you have to make custom ringtones by yourself with the help of third-party ringtone makers.

If you want to set a ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes, you can use the third-party iPhone ringtone maker to help you in making a custom ringtone.

Method for making Ringtone

If you want to make a song from your computer as your iPhone ringtone, you can use an iPhone ringtone maker to make a custom ringtone for your IOS device. It will fulfill your needs to:

  • Make your custom ringtones for IOS devices on a PC
  • Make any  YouTube Video into a ringtone
  • Create ringtones from songs in SoundCloud

Steps to Set Ringtone in iPhone

  • Launch the iPhone ringtone maker and connect your iPhone to your computer. 
  • Then drag and drop the song you want to set as a ringtone. Or you can use your computer to choose a song.
  • The Clip editing page will open where you can customize your ringtone by editing it into your desired length.
  • After editing, click “Export” to proceed.
  • You can select “Push to iPhone” to download  the  ringtone that you customize into your IOS device  or Select  “Save to Disk” to save it to your computer


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