Top 6 Trending beauty tech in [2020]

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Last year when the L’Oreal said that “the number one beauty tech company”. But that’s no longer wanted the number one firm in the world. The industry had clearly changed this state of things.

Women have had the same beauty concerns for 30 to 40 years. But technology has created a more demanding consumer, explains by the Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator.

“They want more personalized and precise products, and we have to respond.”

Some important tech trends in the industry of beauty are as follows:

1. Personalization and AI beauty tech:

A machine that is called Le Taint Particular made up by the L’Oreal subsidiary Lancôme on the base of a custom-made foundation has come up in the world. This is finding the “exact match” for your skin by using AI (Artificial intelligence).

Personalization and AI

A handheld colorimeter – a type of digital scanner which is used to facial your skin tone first of all Lancôme’s consultants have worked on it.

Then the result is shown on the screen of the computer in almost 20,000different shades, which uses proprietary algorithms.

Then the computers match that shades from that of your foundation tone and send it to the machine. And then send it to the shops for you.

In the UK, Selfridges and Harrods are available. First of all, Lancôme’s consultant works on the facial of your skin tone.  Using some type of digital scanner which is a handheld colorimeter.

Mr. Balooch said that “It’s a bit like how a hardware store mixes a pot of paint. But the skin is a lot more complex,”.

Then the results are shown on the computer screen, by choosing your skin tone from the 20,000 different skin foundation shades through the proprietary algorithm.

After this the selected shades are sent to the machines which mix the foundation shades for you, then in the shops for the customers.

Cherlynn Low says that. “It is sending a message that to benefit you also have to be rich, which is kind of counter-intuitive”.

The demand for personalized cosmetics is increasing day by day; this is according to the market research of Mintel firm.

Most consumers are like that beauty products which are especially for them and such products give the best result to them. But these gadgets are very costly that’s why everyone can never use it.

2. Virtual ‘try on’ apps:

As we know that all want to do more exciting and new that’s why online shopping is know on trending for experience by using the augmented reality (AR) for new adventures every new day.

virtual beauty tech

The new advanced tech is becoming more accurate due to the advancement and improvement in image recognition and face tracking.

If you look at the virtual artist of Sephora, who tried to convince and attract the public by showing them thousands of shades of lipsticks and eye shadows with the help of smartphones or at kiosks store.

There is huge number of applications are available on the internet which is used to edit the pictures through cosmetics.

These applications work on the base of scanning, it scans the exact position of the eyes, lips and overall face and then applies the cosmetics on the face. It can also use to show you as to makeup tutorials on the base of digitally, and by using the shades that exactly match your skin tone.

Different applications are now in use with AR filters which are used to apply different types of faces on the original face and matching their skin tones like snap chat and more apps like this.

“People mainly use them to experiment with new looks and styles, but they are buying products through these apps, too.” But some reviewers are not like these types of applications they warn these apps.

3. Smart skincare tools:

The application rates your skin by using the computer. The HiMirror is used for this purpose, a “smart mirror” which is made by Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group.

beauty tech

This application is working as you long in. It clicks your picture and scans it to find for wrinkles, red spots, pores, fine lines, and brightness levels in every time.

Then it shows the results by rating these factors from “good” to “poor”, and suggests the different ideas and recommends the products to improve your skin if it finds some disease.

But some skincare experts warn to use these kinds of application suggestions it may harm your skin. And Ms. Low says about these types of application developers they can be “fooled by bad lighting or leftover make-up smudges”.

“The scores are not always consistent. And do we really need a smart mirror to tell us our skin is shiny or oily? Surely we can tell that ourselves?”

4. Printed make up:

The next beauty tech is printed makeup. Some type of makeup’s or cosmetic functions is available in the form of print. This applies to some kind of robot. It is also a good beauty tech.

This time of age many consumer electronics makeup printers are available at the market from Proctor and Gamble (P&G). It’s used to solve your problems with the age spots, blemishes, etc.

It scans your skin and applies the very lightly in the tiny amount of foundation on your skin and makeup to hide your skin spots, burst blood vessels and other types of blemishes.

The microprocessor analysis the data gets from the camera and build a camera that takes 200 frames per second. And then shows it in dark and light areas. Then applies this light type of foundation that applies to your skin in your skin shade.

It can be downloaded and directly apply on your face. The brands are directly selling make-up looks direct to consumers.

5. 3D or ‘e-make-up’ beauty tech:

This type of technology actually not used to wear actual cosmetics. It’s just a type of latest introducing tech in the world.

E-make-up beauty technology

It’s just to make the people crazy by providing the AR filters on snap chat and Instagram, which is “e-makeup”. That is for enhancing your digital self by download an outlandish makeup look.

Artist is Parisian Ines Marzat, known online as Ines Alpha, whose creations have adorned pictures of artists, musicians, and models on Instagram.

It’s not a single type of filters but she made up of series of that type of filters available on snap chat and on Instagram.

The main purpose of these types of filters is to make the photos and videos more shareable on the base of online. That’s why her creations make more viral.

“It could change color, it could be 3D or iridescent – things that would not be possible in real life,” explains by the Vogue’s Ms. McDowell.

“It plays into this idea of everyone having a digital twin online, and allowing you to be playful with that”.

 6. Maskid, Neutrogena beauty tech:

The Skin360 and Skin Scanner with Fit Skin, is the last launch of Neutrogena. They have set the bar high enough now.

The attracting massing with MaskiD too is also a great innovation.

Maskid, Neutrogena beauty technology

It uses a micro 3-D print face based on the shape of your face it also personalized with the face necessities.

The mask which is created by Micro 3-D is clear shots of your skin or you can even fill in the questionnaire online. It is very helpful if you not take a clear picture of your phone.

The MaskiD also allows you can to select your format

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