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Android is a Linux based operating system. This operating system used on the mobile phone. This operating system developed by Google and the OHA open handset alliance. It released on 5 November 2007 with an Android beta version. But First Android 1.1 version was released on  9 February 2009. After that, it became a great invention of that time. It provides a good experience for mobile users. In other words, the public likes it.

Therefore, Google works on it and upgrade it day by day And introduce 1.5 cupcake. further, 1.6 SDK-Donut, 2.0 /2.1 SDK-Codenamed éclair, 2.2 Froyo and many others day by day. These versions provide a great experience to mobile users.  Today Android 9.0 (Presumably) working in the latest mobile phones. 

Android is not a  Single operating system which gives an interface to mobile phones. There is IOS and windows phone available in the word. But windows phones are difficult to use than it. They provide an interface like a computer system Businessmen use these phones. But now IOS-based Apple mobiles or iPhones Are my favorites of them.

Now question is that is IOS-based mobile is available in the world. Why we use Android-based? the answer is that these are less expansive or cheep. Many functions are available in these which are not on iPhone.

Different companies introduce different kinds of mobiles in the market with different features at different prices. For example, Samsung, Qmobile, Oppo, Motorola, etc.

To buy a good mobile you need to have knowledge about it.

In this category of this website, we provide all the information about these devices. And you can get all the answers to your questions about these devices.