Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) Full Movie

With Spider-Man’s identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. When Peter asks for help from Doctor Strange, the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Who are all these people showing up in the latest Spidey flick? Let’s dive into every big question you might have after that Spider-Man bonanza.

If you’ve watched all the previous Spider-Man moviesrecently — well done. You’re going to understand everything that happens in the latest escapade, Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you haven’t partaken in a Spider-Man marathon, there might be a few details that need solidifying to help you fully understand the latest Spider-Man bonanza.

Who’s J. Jonah Jameson? And where’s he from?

That angry-sounding man making the toothbrush mustache cool again? That’s John Jonah Jameson, played by J.K. Simmons (who’ll you know from his Oscar-winning performance in Whiplash). Jameson first appeared on screen in 2002’s Spider-Man as the publisher of the Daily Bugle newspaper. He hires Peter (Tobey Maguire) as a freelance photographer. In No Way Home’s universe, he (hilariously) hosts

He might have the same face as the one from Tobey Maguire Spidey’s reality, but the MCU version appears to be a separate character rather than some kind of interdimensional tabloid news monster/supplement salesman.

Who is that lawyer at the beginning?

That excellent lawyer, who can catch bricks faster than Spidey, is Matt Murdoch, aka Daredevil. Marvel chief Kevin Feige recently made headlines for confirming Charlie Cox would continue to be the MCU’s Daredevil now and in the future, after his Netflix TV show was canceled following its third season. Many wanted the actor to appear in the MCU as the blind superhero once more, and that wish was granted.

Matt isn’t the only character from Netflix’s Marvel shows to make a comeback this week either.

Explain the multiverse in one line?

Basically, when it comes to Marvel, the multiverse is a collection of alternate universes with a similar nature and a universal hierarchy.

What are the backstories of all the villains?

Glad you asked. Let me redirect you to our helpful explainer, right here.

How old are the Spider-Men now?

Maguire’s Peter certainly looks a little more grizzled around the edges (he’s still incredibly buff, obviously), and he talks of “making it work” with his MJ and dealing with back and shoulder pain from all that swinging. This alludes to the Spider-Man 2 scene where he injures his back, as well as Maquire’s real-life back problems (which almost resulted in him being replaced as Spidey in 2004).

Clearly, this is a much older Spider-Man. When we first met Maguire’s iteration, he went to high school in his senior year as a 17-year-old. If we add 20 years to that, Maguire’s Peter is about 37 now. (The actor is 46.)

As for Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, his Peter was also 17 years old in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Add 10 and Garfield’s Peter is 27 years old. (The actor is 38.)

Why does Ned have powers?

When Ned (Jacob Batalon) joins Peter in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, he (half) jokingly reveals that he too has felt like he can sense magical tingles in his fingers. Cut to: Ned picks up Strange’s portal-opening Sling Ring and discovers he can work its magic.

Rumors have circled around on-screen Ned later transforming into the Hobgoblin. In the comics, Hobgoblin is a criminal and enemy of Spider-Man with abilities such as super-strength, healing and Green Goblin-esque gadgets. Ned’s comic book counterpart was brainwashed into being a stand-in for the real Hobgoblin.

Will movie Ned go down a dark path? He sincerely informs Peter that he has no plans to go down the route of previous Spider-Man besties in turning against him (looking at you, two versions of Harry Osborn), but who knows what the future holds?

How does Spider-Man defeat Doctor Strange?

Peter Parker inspires the nation with his web slinging abilities, massive heart — and math skills. To stop Strange in his tracks and capture “the Box” that will return the “visitors” back to their universes, Peter uses the Fibonacci sequence to calculate where to sling his webs and trap Strange in a strong hold. Peter realizes that, being in the parallel Mirror Dimension (yes, there are other universes and parallel dimensions), the world also contains golden ratios, a “unique mathematical relationship” that’s “easy to spot in the natural world,” according to National Geographic. The golden ratio or divine proportion is “best approximated” by the Fibonacci numbers, a never-ending sequence. The number of petals on a flower, for example, will often be a Fibonacci number. In other words, stay in school, kids.

Is No Way Home a Christmas movie?

A bittersweet one maybe? It does take place around Christmas, but that ending (with vibes of Wonder Woman 1984, anyone?) is as melancholy as it is hopeful.

What happens in the ending?

In the movie, the three Peters adopt numbers, but for the sake of clarity, I’m just going to use the actors’ names. Tom Holland is joined by Tobey Maguire, who faced Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) in 2002’s Spider-Man, Alfred Molina as Dr. Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) in 2004’s Spider-Man 2 and Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko (The Sandman) in 2007’s Spider-Man 3. The third member of the web slinging trio is Andrew Garfield, who faced Rhys Ifans as the Lizard in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man followed by Jamie Foxx as Electro in 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2.

With Aunt May dead and the sinister five on the loose, the Peter Parkers develop a series of serums that’ll revert the bad guys to their old human selves. They challenge Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Lizard and Sandman to a showdown on the Statue of Liberty — and if you’re not grinning your face off when the three Spider-Mans swing into action together, then I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s fitting that the final fight between Holland and Osborn takes place in a smashed model of Captain America’s shield, which was in the process of being fitted to the statue. The shield falling is a symbol for Cap’s principles of justice and decency brought low, and Peter comes close to betraying those principals as he prepares to kill Osborn. Luckily, Maguire literally steps in. He doesn’t even have to say anything for Holland to realize this isn’t what Aunt May would’ve wanted.

Maguire also gets stabbed in the back by Osborn. Thankfully, the wound isn’t fatal — losing our beloved 2002 cinematic Spidey would have been too much.

During the final fight, Holland, Maguire and Garfield figure out how to coordinate and use the serums to cure the bad guys (though that throws up some big questions about consent and the ethics of “fixing” people who don’t want to be fixed). It helps that Doctor Octopus deals with Electro for them, in one of Doc Ock’s various heel turns. Incidentally, Electro is powered by Tony Stark’s arc reactor in the finale, but it’s still funny that even the electricity in the MCU is somehow “better” than in past films. How does that work?

Why does Andrew Garfield catch MJ?

Even though this is an MCU film and Holland is Peter-1 — and the electricity is better — the other Spider-stars still get their share of the limelight. Maguire and Garfield get a whole scene to themselves before meeting Holland. And in the finale they face their own villains, with Garfield having time to reconcile with Electro. “There’s gotta be a black Spider-Man somewhere,” Electro jokes, and of course there is: Miles Morales, seen in the comics, acclaimed animated movie Into the Spider-Verse and the PlayStation games.

The most cathartic moment sees MJ hurled from the statue and falling to her doom — until Garfield leaps out and catches her. He tearfully lowers her to the ground, gaining some sort of closure for a similar moment when his beloved Gwen Stacy fell to her death in Amazing Spider-Man 2 (which in turn mirrored an iconic moment in the comics).

Unlike Maguire and Holland, Garfield never got a third movie, so it’s nice to see him get a fitting send-off here. His films aren’t all that well remembered, so it’s a nice moment when Tobey Maguire tells him he’s amazing. “I needed to hear that,” says Garfield. Awww.

What happens when the bad guys become human again?

If you’re wondering who plays Lizard, it’s Welsh actor Rhys Ifans. Unlike the other stars who reprise their villainous roles, you don’t see much of Ifans in this film and he doesn’t have any lines once he’s human again. This makes me wonder if he was stuck in lockdown or busy filming The King’s Man or something, and the brief shots of his face are lifted from the previous film rather than filmed specially.

Oh, and it’s nice to see that the serum somehow reconstitutes Flint Marko’s infamous green striped T-shirt. Stylish.

What happens when the villains go back?

The villains’ return to their own timeline is treated as a happy ending, but what if they’re just returned to the moment from which they came — their deaths? Fingers crossed a serum that makes them human also saves them from being blown up or electrocuted or whatever happened to them at the end of their respective movies.

Things get even more complicated when you factor in the fact that time moved on in some of those earlier films. Osborn died years ago, which affected the events that came later — his death even contributed to Octavius’ origin story as Doctor Octopus.

It’s possible their survival creates alternate timelines, separate from the familiar Maguire and Garfield universes. Which sounds like a job for the Time Variance Authority, the cosmic cops established as the guardians of time/totalitarian controllers of time in Disney Plus show Loki. Except they’re probably busy, seeing as the multiverses have been unleashed. (See the post-credits scene and forthcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for more on that.)

How does the forgetting spell work?

Once the action is over, Peter visits the coffee shop where MJ works and Ned hangs out. Neither recognizes him. Dr Strange’s spell has worked, and everybody has forgotten poor Peter Parker. He’s fighting crime anonymously, and dropped the fancy Stark costumes in favor of a homemade one.

The forgetting spell throws up a bunch of questions, however. Happy and MJ don’t know Peter, which means they’ve forgotten the connection between Peter and Spider-Man. But Spider-Man still exists, which means that time hasn’t been affected. So what about the events of this and previous Spider-movies? Does MJ remember being in the Statue of Liberty battle, where she cut her head? Why does she think she was there? How does Happy think he met Aunt May? What do they see in their minds when they think about Spider-Man?

And if those events still happened, what about the news reports naming Parker? Have all those news reports and tweets just been wiped?

And if no one knows Peter Parker, or ever knew him, what does that mean for his life? Is he making money by selling pictures of Spider-Man? (Please let this be the case.) Does he have a Social Security number? Hopefully this’ll be cleared up in the next film, Spider-Man Tries to Get a Driver’s License.

Of course, that isn’t quite the end, check out our explainer for the scoop on the mid-credits and post-credits scenes.

Did the forgetting thing ever happen in the comics?

Kinda, in the controversial 2007 storyline One More Day. With his identity revealed to the world and Aunt May fatally wounded by the Kingpin’s assassin, Peter makes a deal with the demon Mephisto to regain his secret identity and heal his aunt.

The price is his marriage to Mary Jane Watson: History was rewritten so that they never tied the knot and Marvel had a free-wheelin’ single Spidey again — much like the movies have now.

MJ and Peter have since gotten back together — satisfying fans of their relationship — but haven’t gotten married (even though Peter has a ring, just pop the question Parker).

In a storyline earlier this year, Mephisto revealed that he made the deal with Peter because he was haunted by visions of his future reign over Earth being ended by either the web slinger or his daughter. Stopping Peter and MJ’s relationship would have prevented the latter from happening.

Who are those figures coming through the rift?

It’s difficult to tell who these obscured figures are, but at least one of them is clearly the Rhino, who was played by Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Given that Strange explains the people who come through the rift all know Peter Parker, the other figures are likely alternative versions of Spider-Man characters from the movies or new ones that reference the comics.

Directed by

Jon Watts

Writing Credits

Chris McKenna (written by) &
Erik Sommers (written by)
Stan Lee (based on the Marvel comic book by) and
Steve Ditko (based on the Marvel comic book by)

Cast (in credits order)

Tom Holland Tom Holland Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Zendaya Zendaya MJ
Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange
Jacob Batalon Jacob Batalon Ned Leeds
Jon Favreau Jon Favreau Happy Hogan
Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Max Dillon / Electro
Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe Norman Osborn / Green Goblin
Alfred Molina Alfred Molina Dr. Otto Octavius / Doc Ock
Benedict Wong Benedict Wong Wong
Tony Revolori Tony Revolori Flash Thompson
Marisa Tomei Marisa Tomei May Parker
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Arian Moayed Arian Moayed Agent Cleary
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Haroon Khan Haroon Khan Apprentice
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Jonathan Sam Jonathan Sam Arena Bystander
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Michael Le Michael Le Guy with Phone
Dean Meminger Dean Meminger NY1 Reporter
Frederick A. Brown Frederick A. Brown Fred the Janitor
Clay Savage Clay Savage Suit Voice
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Thomas Haden Church Thomas Haden Church Flint Marko / Sandman
Charlie Cox Charlie Cox Matt Murdock / Daredevil
Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Rhys Ifans Rhys Ifans Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard
Wes Jetton Wes Jetton Security Guard
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Jason Ionello
Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire Peter Parker / Spider-Man
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Produced by

Victoria Alonso executive producer
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David Gullman visual effects senior coordinator
Carlota Gutiérrez Pou digital compositor
Benjamin Guy layout technical director
Joshua Hackett I/O Coordinator: Luma Pictures
John Hackney on set data wrangler
Bryan Haines visual effects artist
Magid Hajj digital compositor
Thomas Haley-Hermiz technical director: Stereo D
Sarxan Hamidov look dev artist: luma pictures
Arman Haque Lighting Artist
Benjamin Hardy pre-visualization coordinator: Digital Domain
Daniel Hazeltine visual effects artist: Clear Angle Studios
Alex Heffner visual effects and augmentation supervisor
Rosa Hermosillo visual effects coordinator
Mario Escudero Hern Rotomation artist
Mike Hill digital compositor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sebastian Hingston enviroment td
David Hirsh 3d production manager crafty apes vfx
Eric Horton FX Lead
Lina Hum Lead Texture Artist
Alex Injae Hwang Lighting Artist
Wahid Ibn Reza Visual Effects Production Manager
Larinin Ivan fx td
Owen Jackson visual development
Piotr Jankowski compositor: Digital Domain
Lahiru Jay visual effects artist
Selvarajan Jayakumar Digital Compositor: Framestore
Alex Jennings Compositor
Dahye Jeong digital compositor
Tianlun Jiang digital compositor
Hannah Jin matchmove artist: Folks VFX
Ross Johnson Digital Producer: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Marc Jones matchmove supervisor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Andrew Kalicki senior production coordinator: Crafty Apes
Juhee Kang Compositor: Folks VFX
Yu-Sui Kao Environment TD: Framestore
Rishi Kaul senior animator: Digital Domain
Lucas Kazakevicius effects technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Ian Kelly Production Manager
Dulshan Keragala lead asset artist: Luma Pictures
Karthik Kesiraju digital compositor
Damien Kessler visual effects artist (FX Artist)
Duncan Key digital compositor
Areeba Khan Character Technical Director: Digital Domain
Amit Khanna Pipeline Developer
Val Kharitonashvili digital artist
Michael Killoren visual effects producer
Tristan Kilmer visualization artist: Digital Domain
Jung Hun Kim character fx lead
Marvin Kim Model Supervisor
Eric A. Kohler visual effects executive producer: SSVFX
Elicia Koo digital compositor
Praveen Kumar rotoanim lead/supervisor: visual effects
Saran Kumar Production Manager: Mr. X Inc.
Nicha Kumkeaw digital compositor
Evan Kwan compositor: Digital Domain
Helen Kwok visual effects artist
Nahye Kwon Senior Lighting Artist
Björn Kähler environment artist: Digital Domain
Arnaud Laberge digital compositor
Christoph Landi digital compositor
Philip Larson software engineer: SPI
Fredrik Larsson digital compositor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Jeremy Lasky principal/founder: Perception
Lorenzo Lavatelli senior FX artist: Luma Pictures
Claire Le Teuff digital compositor: framestore
Simon Lecavalier CG Supervisor
Eduardo Cabrera Lechuga FX TD: Sony Imageworks
Peter Lee tracking and matchmove artist: luma pictures
Phoenix Woung-Bi Lee lead effects technical director: Framestore
Skeel Lee senior effects technical director: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Benoit Lefebvre Layout Artist
Thomas Lefebvre digital effects supervisor: Luma Pictures
Andrew Lema Senior Facial Model Lead
Patrick Lermitte digital production manager: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Diana Li FX TD: SPI
Nicolas Lim digital compositor: Framestore
Yiwen Akishi Ling Asset Artist: luma pictures
Debo Lipede digital compositor: visual effects
Justin Louis visual effects
Leo Luxford digital compositor: Sony Picture Imageworks
Hugo Lyra Digital Compositor: Luma Pictures
Francesc Macia Digital Compositor
Eldose Madott Compositor
Ellithy Mahmoud cg associate supervisor
Yael Majors assistant finaling supervisor
Athena Maltezos Roto/Paint Artist: luma pictures
Eric Mancha visual effects artist
Tony Marioni digital compositor: Digital Domain
Muhammad Marri texture artist: Digital Domain
Jarrett Marshall compositor: Monster Aliens Robots Zombies
Tess Marshall visual effects coordinator
Matt McClurg previsualization supervisor: Digital Domain
Helen McIlwrick visual effects artist: clear angle studios
Jasper McIntyre asset artist: luma pictures
Michael Melchiorre compositing supervisor
Marco Menco lead facial modeller: Digital Domain
Jie Meng senior effects artist: Digital Domain
David B. Menkes Senior Lighting Artist: Digital Domain
Kyle Mercer Framestore
Daniella Mitchell visual effects editor: Folks VFX
Nicholas Murphy visual effects producer: SSVFX
Supreetha Murthy visual effects coordinator: luma pictures
Taos Myers technical director
Farzad ‘Fuzz’ Namdjoo digital compositor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Tanya Nesi Artist Manager: Digital Domain Studio
Trent Newton ingest coordinator: Stereo D
Marcus Ng modeler
Jonathan Nguyen visual effects coordinator: Folks VFX
Elijah Nicol jr pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures
Javier Nieto Moncó digital compositor: Framestore
Sam Nixon integration department supervisor
Sophie Noel FX Artist
Martin Nrekic Animator: luma pictures
Sean O’Connor Digital Domain
Carlos Oceguera animator: Digital Domain
Junho Oh Pipeline Technical Director
Yvonne Oh compositor/lookdev
Tyler Old compositor
Mars Oliva Visualization Artist
Ryan Olliffe lead layout artist: framestore
Kurian Os Software Engineer SPI
Raphael Oseguera VFX Coordinator
Lauralea Otis production technology manager
Daksh Pandya Digital Matte Painter
Niomie Papatens-Rochon lead matchmove artist: Framestore
Alex Park matchmove artist: Folks VFX
Aaron Parry Stereo Execuctive Producer (Stereo D)
Mitul Patel Senior Fx Artist
Fabrice Pathier Lighting TD: Framestore
Joseph Payo visual effects coordinator
Leo Pean de Ponfilly digital compositor: Digital Domain
Brian Peluso digital compositor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
William Petrie Rigger
Nicolas Pierquin visual development artist: framestore
Raphael A. Pimentel animation supervisor: Luma Pictures
Kelly Port visual effects supervisor
Marius Pörsel asset artist
Darren Quah matte painter: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Ryan J. Quinlan compositing supervisor
David Ratajczak senior concept artist
Laurent Reynaud digital compositor
Ron Rhee postvis
Matthew Ribeiro 3D matte painter
Sarah Ridenour Lighting Artist
Marc D. Rienzo Additional Visual Effects Supervisor: Marvel Studios
Samir Riman visual effects artist
Brian Ripley texture artist
Stephen Robertson digital compositor
Alan Robinson digital compositor: SSVFX
Amaury Rospars Lighting Technical Director
Luca Gabriele Rossetti Sr. Matte Painter
Nathan Rusch pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures
Blake Sala tracking and matchmove artist: luma pictures
Jorge Sanchez Fresno Lead Compositor: Framestore
Florian Sanchez compositing lead: Digital Domain
Jake Sandercock-Brown Animator: luma pictures
Balaji Santhanam Lighting Artist
J.M. Santiago visual effects artist
Malte Sarnes visual effects supervisor: Mr.X
Roy Sato pre-vis lead
Michele Scavardone digital compositor
David Schott digital compositor
Brendan Seals visual effects supervisor: luma pictures
Anik Seguin visual effects editor
Jason Selfe machine learning artist – charlatan lead – dhg – digital domain
Andres Sempronii creature fx td: Framestore
Carly Senora lighting artist: Sony
Yi Shan CFX Artist: visual effects / creature td
Nate Shaw cg supervisor: luma pictures
David Sheldon compositor
Siam Shukoor compositor
Ambar Singh visual effects artist: Digital Domain
Thanapoom Siripopungul character technical director supervisor: Luma Pictures
Maciej Skoluba compositor
Michael Solon Digital Compositor: Digital Domain
Ferdinando Spagnolo visual effects artist
Cody Stoof visual effects artist
Dayang Norrafida Abang Suhaili visual effects coordinator: luma pictures
Brian Sundman fx lead: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Albert Szostkiewicz FX Supervisor: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Heather Taylor visual effects editor
Kylee Ann Taylor animation coordinator / layout coordinator
Werner Ten Hoeve digital compositor (Digital Domain 3.0)
Ali Tezel Layout lead: SPI
Amy Nicole Tinker visual effects producer: framestore
Alexander Tirasongkran senior matchmove artist
Drew Tobin Senior Compositing Artist
Stéphanie Travers tracking and matchmove artist
Gabriel Tremblay-Beauvais character sculptor supervisor: Folks Vfx
Caspar Trenchard-Turner cfx technical director
Yung Sheng Tseng Digital Matte Painter: luma pictures
Jesse Turnbull Technical Director: Digital Domain
Simon Twine compositing supervisor
Gideon Vandegrift lighting artist: Digital Domain
Fabien Vantroys digital compositor
Victor Vilceanu digital compositor: Framestore
Giovanni Ermes Vincenti senior compositor: SSVFX
Antoine Vinette-Lambert digital compositor: Framestore
Chris Waegner visual effects supervisor
Kiara Walker senior visual effects coordinator: Luma Pictures
Ryan Walton visualization artist: Digital Domain
Henry Wan Associate Production Manager: Digital Domain
Ruochen Wang lead compositor: Framestore
Sirui Wang Digital Production Manager: Digital Domain
Tim Ward senior lighting artist
Hazel Weatherall digital artist: 3D Scanning
Raphaelle Weisz visual effects line producer
Kayla Westfall VFX Assistant Coordinator
Shane Christopher Wicklund Senior Digital Compositor: Digital Domain
Kelvin Yee compositing supervisor: Sony Picture Imageworks


Brian Avery utility stunts
Jade Bell stunt double: Zendaya
Kelly Bellini stunt double: Marisa Tomei
Nick Benseman Assistant Fight Coordinator
Bridgette Michelle Bentley stunt performer
Dartenea Bryant stunt double: Paula Newsome
Jwaundace Candece stunts
Donny Carrington stunt double: Jamie Foxx
Courtney Chen stunt performer
Cara Marie Chooljian stunt performer
Geo Corvera stunt double: Jacob Batalon
George Cottle stunt coordinator
Jahnel Curfman stunts
Craig H. Davidson utility stunts
Martin De Boer stunt rigger
John Dixon stunt performer
Danny Downey stunt performer
Hugo Duran stunt coordinator
Marie Fink stunts
Jessi Fisher stunt performer
Colin Follenweider Assistant Stunt Coordinator
Alice Ford stunt performer
Courtland Fuller stunt double: J.K. Simmons / stunt performer
Heather Fusari stunt performer
Sergio Garcia stunt double: Alfred Molina
Anthony Genova Assistant Rigging Coordinator
Marian Green stunt performer
Ryan Green stunts
Zac Henry stunts
Jacob Hugghins stunt performer
Scott Hunter stunt performer
Rabon Hutcherson stunt performer
Duke Jackson stunt driver
Terry Jackson stunts
Cassidy Kahler stunt performer
Jess King stunts
Theo Kypri stunts
Nito Larioza stunt performer
Colby Lemmo stunt double: Marisa Tomei: additional photography
Wakisha Malone stunt performer / utility stunts
Nicole Marines stunts
Jonathan Mercedes stunt performer
Jessica Merideth utility stunts
Ryan Monolopolus stunt double / stunt performer
Trevor Morgan stunt performer
John Nursall stunt performer
Lorenzo Orozco stunts
Michael Ortiz stunts
Jay Pearson stunt tractor-trailer driver
Lloyd Pitts Stunt Double: Benedict Cumberbatch / stunts
Victor Plajas stunt performer
Nicole Reddinger stunts
Grant Roberts cast trainer
Kelly Róisín stunt wife
Preston Schrag stunts
Luke Scott stunt double: Tom Holland
Dena Sodano stunts
Jackson Spidell fight coordinator
Caleb Spillyards stunt performer
Diandra Stoddard stunts
Eric Stratemeier stunts
Penelope Talleur stunt performer
Hamid-Reza Benjamin Thompson stunt husband
Greg Townley stunt double: Tom Holland
Omar Zaki utility stunts

Camera and Electrical Department

Phillip Abeyta Fixtures Foreman
Steve Ahn drone technician
Nolan Aldridge lighting technician: second unit
Kyle Z. Anderson set lighting technician
Jason Augustin Additional Set Lighting Technician
Carlos Baker splinter unit gaffer
Cesar Baptista key grip: NY Plate Unit
Joshua Baptista Rigging grip
Scott Barnes Lighting Programmer
James Henry Benton grip
Joseph Blankinship libra head technician: second unit
Kenneth Bolton dolly grip
Zavier Bolton Crane assistant: a camera
Michael Bremer lighting technician: second unit
Tripp Brown DMX Technician
Jim Buford electrician
Jonathan Carbonaro digital imaging technician: second unit
Gerard Carmichael III Rigging Electrician
Alex Carr Camera Array Operator
Natalie Carr digital imaging technician: additional photography
Justin Chien drone pilot
Bill Coe first assistant camera (A Camera)
Sam Coody Electrician: second unit
Jesse Cooper rigging electric gang boss
Charles Crivier Key Grip
Christopher Crivier 1st Unit Grip
Joshua Davis gaffer
Carlos De Carvalho Director Of Photography: second unit
Jerry C. Deats key grip: second unit
Justin Dombrowski motion control / phantom tech
Andrew Dumas stabilized head tech
Eric Dvorsky aerial camera technician
Gregg Easterbrook camera “b” operator: additional
Jeffrey Engelson grip: second unit
Austin English Matrix Tech
Josue Esquerdo Drone Technician
Eddy Flores Rigging Electrician
Raul Flores lighting technician
Jakob A. Friedman loader: New York unit
Aaron Fuoco Best Boy Electric
Ryan Gibbons 2nd unit video assist operator
Quintavcy Lamar Harris Sr. rigging grip
Adam Harrison rigging gaffer
Daniel A Hernandez digital imaging technician
Rachel High 2nd unit: camera PA
Andrew Hoehn Jr. first assistant camera: “b” camera
Peter Holland director of photography c cam unit
Tom Howard Rigging Lighting Programmer: Los Angeles
Nastasia Humphries loader
Daniel Irons second assistant ‘c’ camera
Brad Irvin 2nd unit best boy electric
Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste steadicam operator: b unit
Timothy Jipping best boy grip 1st unit
Loren Johnson lighting technician: additional photography
Peter Johnston second assistant camera: “c” camera: second unit
Christopher D. Jones Dolly Grip “B” Camera: 2nd Unit
John Paul ‘J.P.’ Jones rig grip
David Kane lighting programmer – additional photography
Rachel Keenan Digital Utility
Michael Kelly gaffer: second unit
Matt Kennedy still photographer
Kemarin Khim grip
Skye Lane Rigging Grip
Justin LaValley Best Boy Grip: New York Unit
Collin Leahy electrician: 2nd unit
David Leite key grip: Second Unit, Los Angeles
Nicholas Leone second assistant camera
Ceswanne Lewis Video Assist Utility / video assist utility
Rebekah Lloyd lighting technician
Sebastian Lumme stabilized head technician
Loic Maheas drone pilot
Diego Mariscal b dolly grip: additional photography
Bill McConnell Jr. second assistant camera “b” camera: second unit
Christopher TJ McGuire camera operator
Nicholas McIntosh Drone Tech
Bobby McMahan second assistant “a” camera
Chris Milani Best Boy Electric
Christopher William Moore canvas grip
Duncan More Pursuit Crane Operator
Tony Murima bestboy rigging grip
Stephen Oh Drone
Jesse Olivares key video assist engineer
Derek Page Lighting Control Forman
Tiko Pavoni C Cam Operator: main unit
Haydn Pazanti A camera first assistant: second unit
Keith Peterman a camera operator: 2nd unit
Matthew A. Petrosky camera operator/steadicam operator: 2nd Unit
Nathaniel Poblet grip: Second Unit
Colin Michael Quinn Motion Control Operator (Bolt Cinebot Operator)
Brad Rea a camera dolly grip
Patrick Redmond edge crane operator
Sean Ricigliano epk camera operator
Tim Risch Second unit 1st assistant camera
Josh Rivenbark grip
Tori Roloson grip: second unit
Peter Rosenfeld Steadicam operator / camera operator: a camera
Matthew Santo Director of Photography: New York Unit
Amishjim Schulze fixtures technician
David Scott Fixtures Best Boy
Myles Shields rigging electrician
Charles Simons dolly grip: Second unit, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Singer 1st assistant b camera: NYC unit
Cricket Sloat Sub Forman
Peter M. Smith rigging electric best boy
Jason Sutton Matrix Head Operator
Jason Talbert Technocrane Operator
Zach Tharp DMX Technician
Miguel J. Torres Camera Production Assistant
Rebecca Ulmo Gimbal Technician
Grant Valentine DMX technician
David Warfield lighting technician: additional photography
Joel White foreman grip
Will Whittenburg c camera 2nd ac: second unit
William D. Wynn dolly grip 2nd Unit

Animation Department

Aldric Lopez Vergara Anaya animator
Juan F Arias animator: Luma Pictures
Scott Beharrell Bono Senior animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sylvia Chin animator
Romain Digonnet senior animator
Tony Flemming animator
A.J. Gillespie previz animator
Daniel Goodwin animator
Antonio Guidetti animator
Meena Ibrahim Animation Supervisor: Framestore
Josh Janousky senior animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sung Bae Jung animator
Brad Lincoln lead animator: Digital Domain
Dave Mah animator
Luis Martinez senior animator
Béranger Maurice lead animator
Andrew McCartney senior animator
Ariel Rafael Suero Medina senior animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Alejandro Mozqueda Torres animator
Arnab Santra animator
Richard Smith animation director
Alejandro Solorzano Lead Technical Animator: Luma Pictures
Nicholas St. Clair lead animator: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Zi Chao Tan Lead Animator
Camille Turon animator
Kantaphat Utarachon animator (as Tony Kantaphat)
Grant Wilson animator

Casting Department

Molly Doyle casting associate
Patrick Rokn extras casting assistant
Sage Ross casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Kate Abraham set costumer
Gina G. Aller key costumer
Kevin Boyett set costumer
Samantha Burpee Stitcher
David Butler set costumer
Christian Cordella concept artist
Anthony Drewett Costumer: Mr Holland
Lauren Driskill Costume Buyer
Sharon Fauvel key specailty/textile artist
Stefanie Garden costume coordinator
Shavon Christina Gihan Background set costumer
Davis Griffin costumer
Sean Haley key costumer
Jessica Harmston on-set costumer: marisa tomei
Katherine Hoang Alteration Fitter
Jimmy Jay Key Costumer: Stunts
Samantha Kingsland stitcher
Houri Mahserejian costumer
Josh Mar costumer
Adrienne A Martinez Draper
Jessica Pazdernik costume supervisor
Philip Quinn Ager/Dyer
Lindsay Recknagel stitcher
Amanda Riley assistant costume designer
Margaret Robbs assistant costume designer
Katelyn Rodgers specialty costumer
Nava R. Sadan costume supervisor
Leticia Sandoval Key specialty costume manufactor
Rebecca Shoemaker stitcher
Addy Steigerwalt set costumer
Irena Stepic assistant costume designer
Donald Strohman costumes production assistant
Pamela Waggoner set costumer
Melissa Walker Personal Costumer to Zendaya
Ariel Werner fabric buyer

Editorial Department

Chris Armstrong supervising dailies engineer
Matthew Barton assistant editor
Jill Bogdanowicz senior supervising finishing artist: company 3
Robin Buday first assistant editor
Jayda Cardoza post-production assistant
Nick Coker second assistant editor
Chris Giuffrida colorist: dailies
Jason Hanel additional finishing artist/colorist: Company 3
Jitte Hoekstra editor: tv spot
Laura Holeman senior finishing producer
Evan Jacobs finishing supervisor
Ian McClarren marketing editor
Carl S.G. Moore head of production: Company 3
Barry Murphy assistant editor
Adam Nazarenko additional finishing artist/colorist: Company 3
Thomas Neugebauer post-production assistant
Mark Todd Osborne colorist: End Title Sequence
Wayan Blue Palmieri stereoscopic editor
Jared Pecht additional finishing artist/colorist: Company 3
Tedd Pfeifer dailies assistant
Giulia Rocca post-production coordinator
Janett Salas post-production coordinator
Craig W. Smith first assistant editor
Stefan Sonnenfeld executive producer for Company 3
Anna Sweeney assistant editor

Location Management

Mara Alcaly location manager: New York
John Birchall key assistant location manager
Liza-Anne Cabral assistant location manager
Johnny Calloway location scout
Rohan Cornwall location assistant
Annie Davis location coordinator
Josh Dillard key assistant location manager
Ian Easterbrook location manager
Benjamin Gamer assistant location manager
Jimmy Gribbin ny vfx assistant location manager
Wellington Lee assistant location manager
Angie Dean Morrison location scout
Joseph Mullaney assistant location manager: New York
Jake North assistant location manager
Dustin Pitan key assistant location manager
Marc Del Santro locations scout
Lenzi Sealy location scout
Tyler Wilson location assistant

Music Department

Crystal Barron score vocalist
Krishna Bissessar music producer
Robb Boyd music editor
Aleta Braxton score vocalist
Warren Brown Score mixer
Reid Bruton score vocalist
Amick Byram score vocalist
Alvin Chea score vocalist
Randy Crenshaw score vocalist
Andrea Datzman score vocalist
George Doering musician
Monique Donnelly score vocalist
Sam Garcia score vocalist
Dylan Gentile score vocalist
William Kenneth Goldman score vocalist
Emma Gunn score vocalist
Levi Gunn score vocalist
Vangie Gunn Vocal Contractor
Ayana Haviv score vocalist
Scott Hosfeld musician
Laura Jackman score vocalist
Clydene Jackson score vocalist
Dave Jordan music supervisor
Jeff Kryka orchestrator
Edie Lehmann Boddicker score vocalist
Mark LeVang musician: keyboards
Ben Han-Wei Lin score vocalist
Rick Logan score vocalist
Baraka May score vocalist
Claude McKnight score vocalist
Aaron Meyer music preparation
Shannon Murphy Music Coordinator
Charissa Nielsen score vocalist
Chad Reisser score vocalist
Ann Marie Sheridan score vocalist
Fletcher Sheridan score vocalist
Connor Warren Smith score vocalist
Suzanne Waters score vocalist
John J West score vocalist
Greg Whipple score vocalist
Booker White music preparation
Elyse Willis score vocalist

Script and Continuity Department

Aimee Bell script supervisor: second unit
Trisha Burton script supervisor: additional photography
Kera Dacy script supervisor
Robin Meyers script supervisor: second unit
Stacy Rowe script supervisor: NY Unit

Transportation Department

Sheri B. Burton driver: Mr Feige
Holly Camp transportation dispatcher
Annissa Ertley Driver: cast
Yvonne Kirkland driver
Reggie Louque driver: Jon Watts
John Markey transportation captain: additional photography
Chris McCrater driver
Michael McMahan transportation captain
Jimmy Ray Pickens transportation coordinator / transportation coordinator: additional photography
Paula Pierce Honeywagon
Tim Sisson transportation
Jeremy Stokes 2nd Unit (second unit)
Sue Vigliotti driver: cast/van

Additional Crew

Inês Alves payroll assistant
David Atkinson senior manager: Production Safety & Security
Mayank Badhwar Marketing Consultant
Liz Barcia Assistant Production Coordinator
Ryan Bartley ADR Loop Group
Kimberly Blake Covid Production Assistant
Ericka Bonilla Assistant to Mr. Cumberbatch
Natalie Borlaug Travel coordinator
Ash-lee Brathwaite assistant to mr. molina
Natalia Broughton Covid Testing Coordinator
Chris S. Bryant health & safety production coordinator
Malcolm Campbell second assistant accountant
Kaitlyn Clarke Additional Set Production Assistant
Cindy Howe Cockburn Second Assistant Accountant
Joe Colavincenzo assistant production coordinator
Steven Collins Health And Safety P.A.
Zakyra Colvin 2nd unit production assistant
Eden Cornwell production assistant
Ian Cross Accounting Clerk
Sarah Czajkowski First Assistant Accountant
Czar Joshua De Guzman 2nd Assistant Accountant
Jason De Meo first assistant accountant
Nick Decicco Second Assistant Accountant
Matt Delmanowski photography manager
Nicole Dia production assistant
Dan Diaz Cast security
Lisa Dietrick production coordinator: additional photography
Elizabeth Driscoll unit publicist
Malcolm Driscoll 2nd unit office production assistant
Zachary Duryea Craft Service
Lisa Fiorito art department researcher
Cliff Fleming Helicopter Pilot
Cory Fleming Aerial ground coordinator
Karin Fong main on end title designer
Heather Fortin production assistant: additional photography
Benjamin Frohman Health and Safety Assistant
Jeffrey A. Frommeyer health & safety supervisor: NY Unit (as Jeff Frommeyer)
Dominic Goodie production security
Jared Leland Gore Stand-in
Jen Gray health & safety coordinator: NY Unit
Jasmine Gunderson Assistant Production Coordinator: Additional Photography, Los Angeles
Lexi Gunvaldson animation editor
Paul Hamill health & safety manager: NY Unit
Noah Howard medic coordinator
Anita Jackson Second Assistant Accountant
Jessica Judge Assistant Production Coordinator
Lauren Keenan health & safety secretary: NY Unit
Amanda Kelley medic/construction & set
Jimmy Keyte Set Production Assistant
Kristi King props accountant
Michael T. King Lead Medic
Katrina Kirkland payroll clerk
Josh Kuhn Key Crafts Service
Zane Kupper production assistant
Elizabeth Kwack health & safety coordinator: NY VFX unit
Guyot Lapointe production assistant
Aaron Latta-Morissette COVID Production Assistant / production assistant
Nicole M. Lau Payroll Assistant
John Lavis medic
Evan Lebish production secretary
Terrence Lee medic: New York Unit
Talia Leone Payroll Accountant
Ashley Brooke Lewis Child Labor Coordinator
Adam Long health & safety set advisor: NY VFX unit
Hernan Orlando Lopez Office Production Assistant: NY Unit
Anna Luna assistant to ms. alonso
Jill Rytie Lutz Housing Coordinator
Lacie D Mackey Cast support additional photography LA
Camille Marquez production assistant
Alex May 2nd unit office production assistant: day player
Terry McGinnis Marketing Consultant
Daniel McGraw production staff
Kris McQuaid production assistant
Timothy Mendonça production coordinator: NY VFX Unit
Erin Morris Key Accountant
Jacob Morse health & safety advisor: NY Unit
Josh Nadelman Production Coordinator: NY VFX Unit
Bao Nguyen Second Assistant Accountant
Riley O’Dell production assistant: second unit
Christopher John Ogden Office Production Assistant
Michael Velez Ojeda health & safety advisor: NY VFX Unit
Miguel Pariente Financial Controller: additional photography UK
Brad Pickens production assistant
Courtney Pickens Additional Photography: production secretary
Whitney Pickens production secretary: additional photography
Brittany Polzella physical asset assistant
McKay Pruitt Additional Set Production Assistant
James Quach stand-in: Jacob Batalon
Evan Reed 2nd Assistant Accountant
Allyson A. Robinson Child Labor Coordinator
Matt Rock recruiter
Rashedia Rogers health & safety advisor: NY Unit
Keaton Jay Ross health and safety assistant manager
Thomas Rotondo health & safety runner: NY VFX unit
Chelsy Ruecker Animal Trainer
Roy Samuelson Audio Description Narrator
Terrena Scannell Office Production Assistant
Nathaniel David Shriver key office production assistant: Los Angeles
Gentry Stayton Office Production Assistant
Lieren Stuivenvolt Allen production coordinator
Sheilah Sullivan production controller
Tina Tong ADR Artist
Lauren L Turner Covid Set Monitor
Elisha Valencia Accounting Clerk
A.J. Vargas manager: visual development
Tyler Wade Vaughn Key PA
Jim Velasco post production coordinator: technical operations
Miguel Victorio Assistant Production Coordinator
Ruben Vidal key on-set production assistant (3rd Unit)
Shelby Q. Warren 2nd unit assistant production coordinator
Heidi Sneed Webb production assistant: second unit
Stephen Workman 2nd Assistant Accountant
Michele Wright first assistant accountant
Mariam Yacoub 2nd Unit Production Coordinator
Courtney Young dialect coach: additional photography
Cynthia Young Key 2nd Assistant Accountant
Kyle Bastin covid tester (uncredited)
Wesstin Jade production assistant (uncredited)
Antony MacKenzie-Jones web developer (uncredited) / webmaster (uncredited)
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