Google claims new “Quantum Supremacy” processor

google latest processor Quantum Supremacy

The latest news about Google is that Google claims a new latest processor Quantum Supremacy.

Google advocated that this new processor works within its quantum computer and makes it able to perform that calculation in seconds which is performed by a supercomputer in many years. That would be practically impossible or different for even the best supercomputer.

If it is true this could be a new era of computer technology. Because according to Google which calculations complete just in three minutes by “sycamore quantum processor”. The supercomputer completes it in 10,000 years.

According to this deep researcher about Quantum Supremacy. We can say that  “quantum speedup is achievable in a real-world system and is not preclude any hidden physical laws”. These techniques had published on Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature.

If it’s true, then it’s a very big deal or news for the users. These Quantum based computers have the power to change the way of design new digital materials, build artificial intelligence projects and break the encryptions and work out on the materials about logic.

That’s why most of the famous firms like Google, Intel, and IBM along with plenty of starts up have been trying to competing and crossing one another and reach this crucial milestone.

However, the development at the Goggles improvement is shroud at the top. This content on the base of papers during the past which was post through the NASA server.

Against the rumors reported by several media outlets, but Google has not responded or commented on them.

Google latest processor Quantum Supremacy: 

Google latest processor
Quantum Supremacy

Google’s latest processor details are written on a copy of the paper which is notice and seen by the New Scientist. This copy contains the 54 superconducting quantum bits or cubits which is known as the Sycamore.

The Sycamore is related to achieve the quantum supremacy claimed by it. John Martinis the famous author, who is known as the partner of Google due to the help of the building of machines or physical parts for the quantum computers. He is the first author who only identifies the paper.

“This dramatic speedup relative to all known classical algorithms provide an experimental realization of quantum supremacy on a computational task and heralds the advent of a much-anticipated computing paradigm,” this quotation is said by the papers. NASA helps Google to test its quantum computer.

During 2018, basically two organizations contract an agreement for this, that’s why this news isn’t entirely unexpected for anyone.

The working of Google’s processor is described on paper that how it handles the random problems and check these number of sets are in random distribution.

It’s a very difficult problem for the transition computer when multiple problems are involving in processing.

The Sycamore latest processor Quantum Supremacy:

The way of handling the problem is different in sycamore. The 53 qubits are used out of 54 and one is doesn’t work, 53 qubits are used to generate. The set of binary digits which are 0, 1 to check their distribution is truly random or not.

The world’s best supercomputer taken 10000 years to submit the tasks would calculate the paper but the Sycamore did this type of task only in 3 minutes or in 20 seconds.

This is not specifically useful beyond producing the random members truly. It was like proof of its working. But in the future maybe it’s useful in chips of learning in the field of machine learning.

Jim Clarke said this at Intel Labs in a statement “Google’s recent update on the achievement of quantum supremacy is a notable mile marker as we continue to advance the potential of quantum computing”.

 Quantum Supremacy

Clarke said that yet we are still at “mile one of this marathon”. This is not an error-free within the processor but it’s a demonstration proof of concept.

The classical computing is not giving up the fight at the same time, it also trying to make better itself. During the last few years, it took the step towards the supremacy as quantum computing. It means that the classical computing moved to the complex systems through the struggle.

Google paper said that “We expect that lower simulation costs than report here will eventually achieve.

But we also expect they will consistently outpace hardware improvements on larger quantum processors”.


Basically, the Sycamore quantum computers are fully programmable and run the quantum algorithms for general purposes. Our team worked on it by achieving the quantum supremacy on the last spring on near term applications.

All are known this is the first widely work in quantum algorithms for computer science applications. The important resource is randomness in the computer sciences and in quantum random is the golden standard.

It’s especially for numbers that can be checked by itself and come from a quantum computer. The testing of these algorithms is in the processes or ongoing and the next month the implementation of these algorithms is coming. It is a prototype that can provide certifiable random numbers.


The quantum supremacy is the latest processor Quantum Supremacy in the world which is usually use in quantum computing in the state of 0, 1.

It’s not commonly used nowadays but it must be famous in the next few years due to t its functionality. This review is from our team which is based on research.