How To Install .XAPK File on Your Android Smartphone

How To Install .XAPK File on Your Android Smartphone

If you are an Android Smartphone user then you are familiar with the .APK extension that is used by Google for apps. But this extension has some limitations. That’s why a new extension is released named .XAPK that has no restrictions like .APK. In this guide, We will show you how to install the .XAPK file on your Android Smartphone. So, let’s get started

What is .XAPK?

When developers uploading their apps on Google they need to face a lot of problem and one of them is file size. The developer needs to keep the file size under 100mb. Developers need to resort obb, graphic, asset files into another file. The solution is .XAPK file extension. 

The .XAPK File extension is the compressed file containing APK, Obb, Asset, and other files and does not have any limitations. But you can’t install it like a normal APK on your Device. But Don’t worry, here are simple steps on how you can install the .XAPK file into your device.

How to Install .XAPK File on Your Android Device? 

XAPK Manager is a tool to install .XAPK files on Android phone and tablet directly with no more hassle. It helps Android users to manage .apk files and .xapk files in one place. Users can use XAPK Manager to scan .apk files and .xapk files on the Android phone or the sd card and install them quickly.

  • Download XAPK Manager on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Download the .XAPK file on Android phone.
  • Open XAPK Manager, find the .XAPK file on the list, and then click on INSTALL.
  • The .XAPK file will be installed on the Android phone or tablet successfully.

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