How to Manually Back Up Your WordPress Site

How to Manually Back Up Your WordPress Site

Learning how to backup your WordPress site is a crucial skill for everyone who runs or manages a website. If something goes wrong with your website, you’ll be glad you have a backup.

You’ll also need your backup files if you wish to transfer or migrate to a different hosting account. You may use a variety of WordPress backup plugins to achieve this, but here’s how to manually back up your WordPress site.

To back up your entire WordPress website, you’ll need to do two steps. The first is to make a backup of your files, and the second is to make a database backup. The procedures for both are as follows:

Using phpMyAdmin, backup the database of your WordPress site.

The instructions below will produce a database backup. Your articles and the data you’ve collected on your website are stored in the database.

  1. Log in to your server’s phpMyAdmin. You may get to it by entering into cPanel and going to Database > phpMyAdmin.
  2. In the left window panel, choose your WordPress database.
  3. Tick the boxes next to the tables you wish to back up. By scrolling down the list and ticking the box next to “Check All,” you may choose all.

Click Go after selecting Export from the tabs in the top window. Following that, your backup file will be downloaded to your computer. The length of time it takes to download your database is determined on its size.

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