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Trend To Tech always tries to add qualitative and useful content for our user. That’s why we are giving the opportunities to writers to submit their useful content to our site that is useful for our users. Writes can Contribute Content or Write For us on Tech,  Finance, Business, Tech News, Social media, Cloud Computing, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Apps / Reviews, SEO, Marketing, Business Blogging, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Fashion and many more categories. 

Guest Post and Contribute Content Guidelines

At Write For Us, Trend to Tech gives opportunities to writers to submit their content to our site. But for that there are some guidelines that everyone need to follow:

  • Article Should be Unique.
  • Article Should be Well researched, well written and grammarly correct.
  • Words must be between 800-2000.
  • An Unique Image Should be included
  • Links should go to relevant and Qualitative Sites.
  • Use Proper Headings to Structure Articles
Write For Us Guidelines

We accept content on these categories that are given below:

  • Business, Finance, Marketing, Insurance.
  • eCommerce
  • Technology, Cryptocurrency, Internet, SEO, Gadget, Software
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Health, Travel
  • Entertainment, Gaming, Sports
  • Human Resources, Small Business Technology
  • Customer Service, Work/Life Balance

Note: We do not accept Content Related to Casino, Drug Related. gambling, payday loans or adult websites.

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